In a special edition of Off Script, James Maddison opens up about dealing with fame, his love for cricket, how he dreads the highlight circle on MNF and having to wash Steven Pressley’s car. Sky Sports’ Patrick Davison has a laid back chat with Leicester’s man of the moment…

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‘Show me a good loser, I’ll show you a loser’

Maddison scored the late winner in Leicester’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham last month, and his self-belief is clear for all to see. He insists it is confidence, not arrogance, and puts his attitude down to his parents’ influence.

I love the quote: ‘If you show me a good loser, I’ll show you a loser.’ There’s no such thing as a good loser really, is there? I’m a bad loser, because I love winning.

 Maddison's self-confidence is clear to see  Maddison's self-confidence is clear to see Maddison’s self-confidence is clear to see

I’d never want to come across as arrogant. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I think if I got on the wrong side, for starters my mum would give me a clip on the ear. That’s not the values I stand for. I always talk about self-belief and confidence, because nobody is going to believe in you for you, you have to believe in yourself for starters, and I’ve always done that. I’ve always been someone to showcase my ability and talent.

I always like to think I’m a down to earth, humble person because that’s how my parents have raised me. They tell me they’re proud of me, every now and again, so I must be doing something right!