Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher finally got the chance to analyse their performances in Vincent Kompany’s testimonial during Monday Night Football – and both had plenty to say on each other’s performances…

The MNF pundits and old Premier League rivals lined up on the same side against Kompany’s Manchester City Legends at the Etihad on Tuesday night –

Highlights of Vincent Kompany's testimonial between Manchester City Legends and Premier League All-Stars.

Highlights of Vincent Kompany’s testimonial between Manchester City Legends and Premier League All-Stars.

Neville: The worst centre-back positioning I’ve ever seen

It’s very early in the game. I think Jamie would agree I start off in a good position, his position is horrific. For a centre-back, it’s horrific.

When David Silva’s on the ball, what the right-back should do is start to run back. I didn’t, but at that point I didn’t think my centre-back was going to be behind me. My marking is poor but it’s the most horrific centre-back positioning I’ve ever seen!

Michael Carrick is stuck in the John Stones scenario, asking what’s Jamie Otamendi doing there in front of his other centre-back? Then you’ve got Ashley (Cole) Walker playing them all onside!

Carra: We should have been playing compact

Who was the manager? Roberto Martinez. How do the top managers want to play? They want the team compact. Gary Neville’s asking me to do the old fashioned one, get back, protect ourselves – we’re playing in a proper game, against Manchester City.