Former tennis player Francesca Schiavone has revealed she has beaten cancer after a seven-month battle.

The 39-year-old posted a clip on her social media accounts on Friday explaining how chemotherapy helped her beat a tumour she was diagnosed with in June.

"HI everyone, upon 7-8 of silence from social media and from the world, I wish to share with you what happened to me. A cancer had been diagnosed to me. I did chemotherapy, I fought a though battle and now I am still breathing. I have won this fight. And now I am back in action".

— Francesca Schiavone (@Schiavone_Fra) December 13, 2019

“I’ll tell you what happened in the past seven months of my life: they diagnosed me with a malignant tumor, it was the toughest battle I ever faced in my life,” Schiavone said.

“But the best thing about it is that I have managed to win this battle. And when they told me a few days ago, I exploded with happiness and I still live with happiness today, I can cut it with a knife.