Clocking up speeds of 0-90mph in less than one second, the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship season returns to Sky Sports on Wednesday.

The ‘most futuristic sport on the planet’ enters its fourth season, with faster drones, more insane crashes and incredible First Person View racing around some iconic sports venues.

Twelve pilots will navigate high-speed DRL Racer4 drones through large-scale, neon-bright gates around complex, video-game like courses in iconic venues around the globe, including three professional sports stadiums, home to legendary NFL, MLS and MLB teams.

Watch DRL pilots blast through narrow tunnels, spin around hairpin-tight turns, and dive down buildings at alarmingly fast rates for the chance to be crowned the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion.

Tune in on Sky Sports Mix

Sky Sports will show 11 weeks of action, featuring 22 hour-long episodes every Wednesday until December across a range of exciting courses that promises all the thrills and spills of the high-speed action.