Atalanta have issued a statement “disassociating” themselves from racist chants by their fans.

The Serie A club’s 2-2 draw with Fiorentina was suspended briefly during the first half due to chants aimed at Fiorentina full-back Dalbert Henrique, on loan from Inter Milan.

“Concerning the suspension of the Atalanta-Fiorentina match, the club disassociates itself from any type of discrimination that might have occurred,” the club said in a statement.

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“Atalanta, along with its supporters and fans, is and will always be a mouthpiece for the values of solidarity and equality.

“The stupidity of a few needs to be combated together and we believe that it has neither colours nor jerseys. It needs to be isolated.”

Referee Daniele Orsato ordered a warning to be read over the stadium’s loudspeaker that the match would not resume until the chants ceased.

Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti applauded Orsato’s decision, saying: “It’s a step forward and others will be needed but this is the way forward.

“We need to be tough in applying the rules that are there. And we have the advantage of many TV cameras inside the stadiums.”